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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to promotions conducted by Sonazan.

By participating in our promotions, you have read, understood, and agreed to the following:

  • Participation in the monthly PROMOS is completely voluntary.
  • Only eligible referrals will be credited to a participant's account. 'Eligible Referrals' are unique (independent) shoppers with unique names and personalities who visit our store and make a purchase. Duplicate referrals from the same participant / source will amount to ineligibility. Our system tracks duplicate referrals from the same source and automatically disqualifies them.
  • By participating in the monthly PROMOS, you affirm that you are at least 18 years old. Eligible Referrals invited by participants must also be at least 18 years old.
    • A participant requires a minimum of 5 eligible referrals to compete in a 'Star Prize' draw. Only new referrals provided each month are considered to be eligible. Referrals provided in a previous draw automatically become ineligible if referred by the same (or another) participant in subsequent draws.
    • To refer others, a participant in the PROMOS must first make a purchase (of any amount) from our store. Referring others without first making a purchase automatically disqualifies the participant.
    • In each monthly draw, only lucky winners of a STAR COUPON will be contacted directly. Sending 5 eligible referrals automatically earns you a whopping 40% discount coupon (aka BASE COUPON), which you will receive in your email to use for your next purchase.
    • To ensure credibility and transparency, Sonazan is responsible for transmitting the $500 cash donations directly to the Humanitarian Organizations selected by lucky winners. We encourage lucky winners to follow up with their chosen Humanitarian Organization to verify receipt of such cash donations.
    • To ensure sustainability of the charitable programs we support, there is no overstating the need for Sonazan to remain financially solvent. Therefore, you understand that our ability to conduct promotions and make cash donations each month is largely dependent on the sales volume we receive within the given month. Consequently, Sonazan, our employees, and associates are completely absolved of any form of liability whatsoever.

    Discount Coupons/Codes

    • Unless otherwise stated, discount codes issued to our customers apply to specific items only, and may not be applicable to all items in your shopping cart.
    • Unless otherwise stated, discount codes apply to only items sold on our website (, and may not apply to other items sold by our affiliates (third-party stores), though promoted on our website.

    Questions about our Terms & Conditions should be sent to us at